• Chamilia Free Jewelry Box Mother’s Day Offer

    To celebrate this mother’s day of 2014 with their customers, Chamilia is offering a free mother’s day gift to their customers for a limited period of time. See all details below:

    What is Free Chamilia Jewelry Mother’s Day Gift?

    The free gift is a beautiful Jewelry box. The price or worth of this jewelry box is $50. This jewelry box will keep your precious jewelry items safe and will increase their life. Take a look at this free jewelry box gift:

    Chamilia Jewelry Free Jewelry Box Mothers Day Gift image

    As you can see in above image, this jewelry box has two sections. One removable section with smaller portions is to keep your smaller jewelry items like charms, beads, rings and pendants etc. The other box is wider where you can keep your bigger jewelry items like bracelets, necklaces etc.

    How to Claim this Free Chamilia Jewelry Mother’s Day Gift?

    All you need is to:

    1) Visit official website of Chamilia beads here: http://www.chamilia.com

    2) Purchase chamilia jewelry of worth USD 150  or more.

    3) During checkout process, the free gift will automatically appear in your cart.

    4) You will receive this gift with your order.

    When Will This Chamilia Mother’s Day Promotion Start?

    This free gift promotion has begun since 14th April, 2014.

    What is the last date of this promotion?

    This offer is valid up to 11th May, 2014.

    What are Limitations or Restrictions?

    1) Please note that stock of these free gift boxes is limited. This deal will be considered expired, if stock expires before last date of promotion (11th May, 2014).

    2) There is a limit of one gift with one online purchase.

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