• Pandora Jewelry Jerusalem Israel – Chaya Jerusalem Mamila Store Location

    Welcome to exclusive concept store of Pandora in Jerusalem. This outlet has almost every Pandora stuff that you may need. Fresh newly launched charms, beads, bracelets and necklaces with best services offered. The polite and co-operative staff is always there to help you. Whether you have warranty claims or need to repair your already purchased jewelry, you will be guided properly. If you are an old Pandora customer you may know that Pandora offers sales and discounts on their jewelry time to time. If you are in Jerusalem and currently there is any Pandora deal, you should visit this store to take advantage of deal. Following is the complete address detail and phone numbers to reach this awesome store location:

    Pandora Store Name: Chaya Jerusalem Mamila

    Store Address: MAMILA Jerusalem, 0, Israel

    Phone Number: 972-2-6253241

    Store Type: Exclusive Pandora Concept Store

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    Pandora Jewelry Exclusive Club Charm 2014
    Pandora has finally and officially released the details of most awaiting Pandora Club charm. The club charm is a hinged charm that can be opened and closed just like a gift box. It is very special charm made from pure and very shining sterling silver. This charm is not yet release for sale in the market. Pandora company had conducted a survey with all of their club member and asked them to guess what would be inside this Pandora club charm. Around 38% guessed it would be a crown, 16% guessed a star and around 48% correctly guessed that it will Read More...

    Claim Warranty on Pandora Bangle Purchased in USA
    Question: Hi I was in New York from 19th June 2013 for 7 days,  purchased some items of Pandora at Peachtree on fifth spent 440.96 dollars, purchased the new Pandora bangle for myself just over 2 month. Now the clasp will not close, tried to take the bangle back to Pandora Newcastle Upon Tyne UK where I live to get repaired. All I got that because it was purchased in USA I will have to pay for this repair. I did have my receipt with me. Do I not get any guarantee or warranty  just when I go on holiday I Read More...

    Amazon Sale - Up to 80% Off on Pandora Essence Charms:

    Amazon Deals on Pandora Essence Charms

    Map and Directions of Pandora Jewelry Jerusalem Israel - Chaya Jerusalem Mamila Store Location:

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      Products Sold on Pandora Jewelry Jerusalem Israel - Chaya Jerusalem Mamila Store Location:

      • Bracelets
      • Charms
      • Beads
      • Necklaces
      • Watches
      • Bands
      • Rings
      • Earrings
      • Pendants

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      • Harriet Baker says:

        I am a buyer in a Judaica store in Cherry Hill NJ 08003 and would like to purchase some jewelry at wholesale prices. Need a contact person and your email address. Please contact me immediately. Thanks Some people just came back with 3 beautiful bracelets and they want to buy more
        B’Shalom, Harriet