• Pandora Jewelry Sirmione Italy – Martini Alessandrina Store Location

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    Pandora Store Name: Martini Alessandrina

    Store Address: Via Antiche Mura 2 Sirmione, 25019 – Italy

    Phone Number: 0039 0309196512

    Store Type: Silver Store

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    Pandora is going release a new animal charm. They will add it to their current cute collection of animals charms. They have announced an interesting contest for Pandora jewelry lovers. What is the Contest of Deal? If you can guess the name of Pandora animal charm that is going to be released sooner, you will be entered into a draw. The winners of draw will get a great looking Pandora silver bangle for free. Any hint for the Animal Name? To make the contest easier, Pandora have given you three options to choose from: Pandora Kea Parrot Charm Pandora Kiwi Bird Charm Pandora Whale Charm The new charm Read More...

    Where to Buy Pandora Jewelry in Mennyibe Hungary
    Question: I live in USA but need to buy Pandora jewelry for my sister in Hungary. My question is that is there any Pandora jewelry store in mennyibe Hungary? I want to ship the jewelry to my sister in Nagykanizsa Hungary? Asked by: Timea Lasseigne Answer: Hi, Please note that there are around 19 official Pandora jewelry retailers in Hungary. You can find the list of all these stores on this page: Pandora Hungary Stores Currently there is no authorized retailer in Mennyibe city. But there is a Pandora store in Nagykanizsa Hungary. Their email address is: agi@petrogaleria.hu and phone number is +36-93-333-744. Name of store is Petro Galéria. Read More...

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      Products Sold on Pandora Jewelry Sirmione Italy - Martini Alessandrina Store Location:

      • Bracelets
      • Charms
      • Beads
      • Necklaces
      • Watches
      • Bands
      • Rings
      • Earrings
      • Pendants

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      One thought on “Pandora Jewelry Sirmione Italy – Martini Alessandrina Store Location

      • Karen says:

        I recently called into this shop while I was on holiday in Sirmione in August. My bracelets and charms had tarnished after bathing in a sulphur pool. I was upset over this as they have sentimental meaning to me. The staff in the shop were brilliant! They asked me to come back the next day with the bracelets and told me what to do to get them clean again! I felt very reassured and was impressed with their kindness. I was even given a silver cleaning cloth free! Thank you to you all!